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God is Moving in Kenya

October 16, 2015


Dr. Boyd, Mallory, and their son Brian are continuing their ministry in Kenya to thousands of people. They have been able to teach the Bible in a Muslim Trade School, as just one example. Below is a picture of Dr. Boyd speaking to the boys at the Muslim Trade School. The principal of the school would like to have them come back. They have also been speaking in other schools and churches. While in Kenya the Boyds have also had a chance to see some of God's creation. Below is a picture from a safari the Boyds recently went on.

Please keep the Kenyan team in your prayers that they may be able to continue ministering at the Muslim Trade School and that other doors of opportunity will open up to them. Pray that the hearts of those that hear the Gospel will be receptive, and please pray for the Boyds safety as they continue to minister God's word among the lost.


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