Thousands of Hindus, Muslims, and followers of witchcraft have come to Christ through the New Fire team and the power of prayer!

Dr. Bob Boyd is the President and Founder (together with his wife Mallory) of New Fire for Christ.

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Seeking Campaign Director

New Fire’s Campaign Director will help reach many thousands of people for Christ by setting up, helping lead, administrating, and following up evangelistic campaigns in countries around the world.  read more

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Bob and Pat Robertson from the 700 Club discuss New Fire's "Miracle in Africa"
Mallory Boyd
Feel the Power
Unleashing God's Power
Dr Bob Easter Message
700 Club-Pakistan Campaign
Bob inviting people to come forward to receive Christ
Young students wave their hands
Mallory working in a community
Young students showing their love
Brian Teaching
Preaching to thousands by the fig tree!
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About Us

New Fire for Christ is a 501c3 status Non-Profit and was founded in 1997 by Dr. Bob Boyd, Jr. and his wife Mallory to help reach the unreached around the world for Christ.

Since its inception in 1997, New Fire for Christ has reached hundreds of thousands of people for Christ through evangelistic campaigns and discipleship schools, as well as millions through TV and other media.  Churches and ongoing ministries have been formed in many countries:

  • New Fire has brought the gospel to hundreds of thousands of students in Kenya, and developed a School of Discipleship where over 100,000 students are being discipled regularly;
  • Burundi is following in the steps of Kenya, beginning a School of Disciplehip after New Fire for Christ did a large evangelistic campaign;
  • Tanzania created 16 new churches after our 2003 campaign;
  • As a result of the campaign in Peshawar, Pakistan, many muslims came to Christ, and a secret church was formed in Afghanistan after hearing the powerful and hopeful messages;
  • We continue to reach those in Pakistan through numerous TV broadcast with help from our faithful and enduring Pakistani team.  There are multiple house churches and other outreach events and meetings that are led by NFC team members;
  • In Russia, one church was started and many existing churches were strengthened after our visit there;
  • Our team in India continues to minister to people within the homes and in the community following successful campaigns, where over 15 churches were started.

New Fire for Christ does not just put on large campaigns and leave.  We believe that God has called all Christians to be disciples, and therefore we establish teams of native believers to follow-up with those who received Christ, as well as those who are seeking to find Him.  We believe it is essential to the Kingdom of God that believers, new and old, be discipled too, to strengthen their faith and become "fishers of men".