"Bob Boyd has spoken to more university students about Jesus Christ than anyone else in America over the last 25 years." Dennis Kinlaw (former President of Asbury College)

Our Team has had the privilege of speaking to hundreds of thousands of people in evangelistic festivals around the world.

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New Fire’s Campaign Director will help reach many thousands of people for Christ by setting up, helping lead, administrating, and following up evangelistic campaigns in countries around the world.  read more

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Bob and Pat Robertson from the 700 Club discuss New Fire's "Miracle in Africa"
Mallory Boyd
Feel the Power
Unleashing God's Power
Dr Bob Easter Message
700 Club-Pakistan Campaign
Bob inviting people to come forward to receive Christ
Young students wave their hands
Mallory working in a community
Young students showing their love
Brian Teaching
Preaching to thousands by the fig tree!
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Evangelistic Festivals

Evangelistic Festivals-Overview

From campuses across the U.S. to the far reaches of Pakistan, India, Africa and Russia, New Fire for Christ has reached hundreds of thousands of people around the world and seen thousands come to Christ through city-wide festivals.  We mobilize the churches of a city to shake their city for Christ! 

How?  By organizing leaders into key committees (Prayer, Publicity, Program, Follow-up, Finance, etc.) and training believers to reach out to unbelievers and invite them to attractive evangelistic events, and by ensuring excellent follow-up and discipleship of those who pray to receive Christ.

Reaching hundreds of thousands in cities worldwide

In addition to large city-wide events (which typically include popular Christian bands and entertainment to help draw crowds), we usually hold meetings with social groups, men's and women's clubs, and banquets to reach many people in the city and surrounding communities with Christ's message of eternal life.

We lead evangelistic festivals in the U.S. and many other countries, ranging from single-church outreaches (a few hundred to a few thousand people) to large city festivals with over 100 churches included, with as many as 100,000 or more attending.

Our typical festival unites the churches of a city to reach that city through well organized prayer and bold proclamation of the gospel to thousands of people, resulting in hundreds or more typically, thousands of new disciples and many new/growing churches.

 Thousands come forward to receive Christ


Our Team also leads Christian conferences on Prayer, Evangelism, and other key topics.  Bob's genuine warmth for his audiences and his enthusiasm for Jesus Christ make him a motivational speaker that people will always remember.

Here are just a few of the evangelistic topics Dr. Boyd and his team use to reach people from all walks of life:

          Campuses (and Cities when appropriate):

  • How to Have a Great Love Life
  • Top Secrets of Love and Romance
  • Secrets of Great Sex
  • How to Get to the Top
  • Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be


  • The Secret of Financial Success
  • How to Have Eternal Life
  • The Second Coming of Christ
  • Heaven or Hell?
  • How to Experience God's Love
  • How to Have a Great Marriage

Seminars/Retreats (for believers) 

  • "Unleashing God's Power Through Prayer"
  • Feel the Power!
  • A Heart for the World (World Missions)
  • Intimacy with God (1 John)
  • A Heart for the Ministry (2 Timothy)
  • The Great Adventure (Evangelism/Missions)
  • Secrets of a Successful Life (Gen 1-3)

Bringing an Evangelistic Festival to Your City

New Fire for Christ helps churches and ministries to shake their city for Christ.  How?  With a highly organized, systematic approach to spreading the Gospel and attracting new Christians. Using music, drama and a clear message of Christ's love, our evangelistic festival with you is designed to bring many people to Christ, and to train believers to reach their lost friends and neighbors.

First, we organize a team that consists of 5 major committees:

  • Prayer
  • Publicity
  • Program/Physical Arrangements
  • Follow-up/Discipleship
  • Finances (in a city-wide festival)

We help your Prayer Committee plan and implement  several prayer strategies, including at least one major prayer event (all day, all night, etc.). We then help you plan an "Unleashing God's Power Through Prayer" festival.

We help your Publicity Committee publicize the various events, using:

  • 100s of posters
  • 1000s of flyers/tent cards
  • strategically placed banners
  • a well-planned media strategy of radio and newspaper ads
  • special publicity projects
  • publicity in local churches

We work with your Program/Physical Arrangements Committee to arrange for:

  • a proper auditorium, lighting and sound system
  • setting the stage for the event with a capable emcee
  • skits (provided) that should be carefully arranged, diligently practiced and professionally presented music by group or solo singer, usually a pop Christian song to reach Christians and non-Christians alike
  • refreshments to encourage people to stick around after the Classic event
  • tables and a student or students to staff the table for book/tape sales

We also maintain contact with you and make sure you communicate with our Festival Director to get specific directions to all events.

We help your Discipleship/Follow-up Committee and meet with your Discipleship Leader and his/her team each night after that night's last meeting to:

  • Divide up names
  • Contact those who have committed to Christ or have expressed an interest in committing to Christ within 24 to 48 hours

Your Discipleship/Follow-up Committee will continue to meet weekly for the next 4 weeks after our festival, and then monthly to ensure that sufficient follow-up is taking place.

Financial Costs

Like many other parachurch ministries, we at NFC raise 100% of our Team's salaries and normal ministry expenses. In order to conduct a festival or conference with you, we ask only that your ministry cover the cost of the festival or conference and our expenses in coming to lead it (or part of the cost in developing countries). We are committed to bringing your people a life-changing message which will be worth far more in eternal results than the money and time you invest!

For more information on how New Fire for Christ can help your church or ministry, or to schedule a seminar or conference, please contact us.

For more information on how New Fire for Christ can help your church or ministry, or to schedule a speaking engagement, seminar or conference, please contact us.