Over 100,000 students are being discipled through New Fire for Christ in East Africa!

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Rainy Season in Pakistan

Pray for our Ministry in Pakistan!  read more

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Bob and Pat Robertson from the 700 Club discuss New Fire's "Miracle in Africa"
Mallory Boyd
Feel the Power
Unleashing God's Power
Dr Bob Easter Message
700 Club-Pakistan Campaign
Bob inviting people to come forward to receive Christ
Young students wave their hands
Mallory working in a community
Young students showing their love
Brian Teaching
Preaching to thousands by the fig tree!
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Host City-Wide Festival

If you and a number of other churches in your city are interested in hosting a City-Wide Evangelistic Festival, this manual lays out the details of what that commitment actually means.  Please contact us with any further questions after you have reviewed this manual.  


Individual sections of the manual will be posted soon...


View City-Wide Festival Manual