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News - Kenya 2009

November 7, 2009


News - Kenya 2009

Our 3 month African adventure can be told in a story:

One young man, "John", came to me (Bob) smiling from ear to ear, as Africans so wonderfully do, and asked me some insightful questions about how he could grow in his spiritual life.  He was so keen, so interested in becoming a man of God, that after giving him our e-mail address, I asked him: "Is there anything else I can do for you?"  He asked for prayer in some areas, and then hesitantly confessed that his family was so poor he did not even have enough money for soap to wash with, and he was barely able to stay in (high) school.  I prayed for God to provide. As I did, I wondered if maybe God wanted to provide something through me.

I took him around the corner, where the others waiting to talk with me couldn't see, and said, "We don't usually help with this sort of thing, we'd be overwhelmed with requests… we're here to teach God's word... but I appreciate your commitment to Christ and serving Him, and here's a small gift (gave him shillings worth about $36)".

John began to visibly shake.  Tears came to his eyes...he stuttered, "Thank you, thank you, O thank you..." and then he couldn't say a word, shaking and crying uncontrollably with joy.

After I left him, I had to brush away a couple of tears myself.  Why do I have so much, and others so little... and why am I so slow to share it with a dying world?  But... when we get between the love of God and the hurt of the world, and let God's love flow through us to a hurting world... that's when we feel His power.  If you would like to become a financial partner and help to forever change the lives of countless thousands of people, click on the link to the right "Change Lives!" 

Current Speaking Engagements and Ministry Around the World 2009-2010


School of Discipleship in Africa (ongoing visits)

Leadership of 15 new churches in India begun by New Fire 

Leadership of 19 new churches in Africa planted by New Fire

Leadership of house churches in Pakistan begun by New Fire

Church in one of the most closed countries on earth, planted by New Fire

(New Fire for Christ was previously known as the Bob Boyd Evangelistic Association, at the time many of the above ministries were begun.)


TV/Radio appearances

Internet Ministry

University Campaigns

City-Wide Campaigns

Speaking in many local churches across the U.S. and Canada





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