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Power Over Satan

May 26, 2010

"Power Over Satan" is one of the hand motions that I (Mallory) teach in the "Walk Through the Life of Christ."  This is when the religious leaders are trying to say that Jesus didn't get His power from God, but rather from Satan.

Jesus responding with messages and miracles demonstrates that He indeed has "Power Over Satan" (the students wrap their hands around an imaginary barbell and push it up, then using their index findgers, they form devil's horns on their heads). 

We definitely had victory today in "Power Over Satan." The photo says it well.

We got stuck in the muddy roads several times trying to reach Ngwelo Primary School.  What should have taken 15 minutes, took 45 minutes.  But students were eager to receive us.

448 students out of 560 students made a decision to follow Christ!  Power Over Satan!  Amen

Despite the vehicles getting stuck on muddy roads, we shared Christ with 11,053 students last week.


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