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Seeking Campaign Director

February 12, 2021

New Fire for Christ is seeking a Campaign Director to join our team! To apply, email your resume to


Campaign Director

Job Details

Full-time · $40,000 / year
107 Seekel Street, Norfolk, VA 23505

Job Description
New Fire’s Campaign Director will help reach many thousands of people for Christ by setting up, helping lead, administrating, and following up evangelistic campaigns in countries around the world, such as Pakistan, India, Kenya, Tanzania, and many others. The “CD” will work with pastors and other leaders in cities to set up evangelistic campaigns, often attended by tens of thousands of people, in order to win many to Christ and organize effective, on-going discipleship, especially in many of the least-reached nations in the world. What an adventure!

This position requires a whole-hearted commitment to Jesus Christ and a deep desire to obey His command to "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations" (Matt. 28:29).

This position is full-time, 40+ hours a week (more when traveling).While most ministries require their staff to raise their own support, this is a salaried position, with part of the job (about 15%+) involving working with the ministry’s President to help raise the funds necessary to pay the Campaign Director’s on-going ministry and travel costs ($30,000/yr.) in addition to salary.

The CD must be willing to live overseas for periods of time in order to most effectively set up and follow-up evangelistic campaigns.

The CD will be working closely with Dr. Bob Boyd, a worldwide evangelist and President of New Fire, and his wife, international speaker Mallory Boyd. Bob, Mallory, and the New Fire team lead large city-wide and university-wide evangelistic campaigns around the world. New Fire has brought the gospel to hundreds of thousands of people in these campaigns, and to millions on radio and TV. By the grace of God, thousands have received Christ and become active disciples of Christ. New Fire for Christ is based in Norfolk, VA.


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