Over 100,000 students are being discipled through New Fire for Christ in East Africa!

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Seeking Campaign Director

New Fire’s Campaign Director will help reach many thousands of people for Christ by setting up, helping lead, administrating, and following up evangelistic campaigns in countries around the world.  read more

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Bob and Pat Robertson from the 700 Club discuss New Fire's "Miracle in Africa"
Mallory Boyd
Feel the Power
Unleashing God's Power
Dr Bob Easter Message
700 Club-Pakistan Campaign
Bob inviting people to come forward to receive Christ
Young students wave their hands
Mallory working in a community
Young students showing their love
Brian Teaching
Preaching to thousands by the fig tree!
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From Colleagues and other Religious Leaders

“Bobby Boyd is an extraordinarily gifted minister of the gospel.  He and the New Fire Team are reaching hundreds of thousands around the world.”  
-Dick Woodward, International Teacher and Radio Personality

"God has given New Fire and Bob Boyd a very effective ministry all over America and around the world."
-Luis Palau, International Evangelist


“Bob Boyd has spoken to more university students about Jesus Christ than anyone else in America over the
past 25 years.”
-Dr. Dennis Kinlaw, Author and President, Francis Asbury Society


“Bob Boyd has proven to be an effective Evangelist and Conference Speaker.  I highly recommend him to you as a catalyst for spiritual awakening.”
-Bill Bright, (late) Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ


“We saw more come to Christ through Bob’s visit than in the last 7 years of ministry at Princeton… His evangelistic festival at Princeton was the most successful evangelistic outreach that we have ever had.”
-Matt Bennett, (former) Crusade Campus Director


“What I believe makes Bob’s ministry so powerful is the FOCUS AND SERIOUS EFFORT PLACED ON PRAYER.  And as a result, we saw AMAZING things happen. Bob spoke to around 987 students and faculty members (he spoke to athletic teams, fraternities, sororities, faculty, and in campus-wide meetings).  There were 289 people that indicated a decision for the Lord."
-Nick Corrova, Director of Central Ohio Campuses, Campus Crusade for Christ


“Bob Boyd has come to the Kingdom for such a time as this.”
 -Howard G. Hendricks, (late) Distinguished Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary


“As a result of your Team’s evangelistic festival in our great city, 50,000 men and women heard the gospel; and 18 new churches have already begun.  We have never seen anything like this happen!”
-Bishop Mgullu Kilimba, Dar es Salaam (a city of 3 million people in Africa)


“You taught us, equipped us and changed our lives.”
African School of Discipleship Leader


“Since you came… AIDS is disappearing in the schools.” [in the area where AIDS has the highest rate in the world]
 -African School Vice-Principal


“969 people prayed to receive Jesus Christ through Dr. Boyd and his team in Pakistan!”                                                           

-Christian Leader in Pakistan


“Over 100,000 people attended New Fire’s last city-wide evangelistic festival here in Kenya, and thousands and thousands came to Christ!”
-Kenyan Leader

From Attendees at Events and Students

“Your message introduced me to the awesome power of prayer!... You have made me see prayer in a different way than I’ve seen before… Awesome – you’ve totally revitalized my faith in prayer… [As a result of your coming], we have prayer every morning at 7 Monday through Friday, and at 9:30 at night Sunday through Wednesday, plus Thursday and Friday meetings.”

-University Student, responding to Prayer Conference

“[Because you came] I have this love which I cannot express in my heart.  I now share my faith with others.”
-Alex, Russia


“I go on with the Salvation life you left with me and I don’t think I will stop.  This Salvation life is the best of all… and Jesus is the answer to all things.”
-Albert Mabiki, Dar es Salaam


"This was amazing! I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical. I would never dare to share before and assumed it was a bunch of deeply religious Jesus Freaks (that were) going to tell me how badly I was screwing up my life and how Jesus was the one to fix it.  Surprisingly enough, I got out of the session and am pumped to start sharing the Gospel...I (am) planning to get hold of all my friends and share with them the Good News, the way of Jesus Christ and bring change to our community."

-David, Kenya


"I checked my life.  I used to be a devil worshiper...In my room, I thought about the message at school (from New Fire) then I took the New Life track which I was given.  I just found my eyes closed after reading God's way, tears started rolling down my cheeks.  I found myself calling "Savior! Savior!"...I was surrounded and consumed by God's presence..."

-Real, Kenya


"NFC (does) real good work in saving the lives of...students in (Matulo Girls High School). At one time they realized that some of the students have fallen into being agents of devil worshipping, but New Fire for Christ brought revival at the school and the power of darkness failed in the name of Jesus..."

-Emmanuel Wafula, teacher at Matulo Girls High School, Kenya